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You can watch a short welcome and introduction to St Mark’s from our Pastor here.

trinity What on earth does it mean to say God exists as one essence, three persons? Does it really matter? Is it what the Bible teaches? Are there better ways of talking about God?

Talking about the trinity is really important because it is to talk about the very identity of God himself. You don’t get any more important than that!

Starting Sunday November 2, we’re running a three week ‘mini-series’ Knowing the trinue God that will explore the Bible’s description of our God who is three persons in one essence and nature. People have all sorts of mixed up ideas about what it means that God is triune. Sometimes people think of the doctrine of the trinity as dry and abstract theology. But over this series we will be reminded why it is vitally important, full of practical implications and why we do ourselves no favours by neglecting it. Hopefully we’ll clear up some of the misuderstandings as well.

To help you start thinking about it, check out the cook infographic in this link.

Mark ThompsonSunday, August 3, our regular services at St Mark’s were cancelled as we held a combined Care Sunday parish service at 9.30am at Pennant Hills High School. Rev Dr Mark Thompson the principal of Moore College spoke.

If you want to hear what he said, here it is:


Our Parent Cafe called ‘the NEST’ has been running alongside our HAWK Holiday Kids Club this week. We had a fantastic seminar on keeping kids occupied in the holidays at the last session. A couple of really helpful links were mentioned and so we thought others might benefit from them too. Here they are:

Wild Walks

Playful Possum

Jesus brings

Life in Australia today can often feel overwhelmingly good!

Lifestyle, opportunity, peace and stability, the richness of cultures all joined together.
We love our country, our city, our home.

Yet for all the upside of Australian life, many Australians have that sneaking suspicion, that gnawing sensation that there’s got to be more to life than this. Prosperity hasn’t brought us the satisfaction we crave. And look a little closer, and we see a world far less than it was ever meant to be. Broken relationships. Broken lives. Broken dreams. We crave something deeper, richer and more lasting.

That’s because we were designed to be connected with Jesus and to receive what he brings.

At St Mark’s we love introducing people to the difference that Jesus makes. As part of that, we recently ran a teaching series focused on the topic “Jesus Brings…” You can listen to the talks below. If you’d like to think more about this stuff have a look at our Sunday gatherings. Pick the one that sounds like it might best fit you and come along. You’ll be welcome.

Here’s the details:

Why did they execute the guy who said “love your enemies?”

Jesus: An Introduction is a short course St Mark’s runs for people who want to take an adult look at Jesus and what he was on about.

What have people said about our Jesus: An Introduction course?

  • “Very clear and easy to understand”
  • “Great course, well structured”
  • “Very helpful in my struggles with Christianity”

You don’t need to know anything about the Bible and you won’t be asked to read it out loud or to pray. You do get a chance to ask any questions you want.

  • 6 sessions, Sundays 3pm – 4pm. Our next course starts July 27.

  • Cnr Rosemount Ave & Warne St, Pennant Hills
  • St Mark’s is pleased to offer this course at no cost and to throw in afternoon tea and a free Bible.
  • To find out the next course dates, to get more details, or to register for our next course just contact our pastor Craig Schafer here.

Gluten Free logo I don’t know why, but lots of people nowdays have to put up with being intolerant to gluten.

That’s a bit of a problem if you want to celebrate the Lord’s Supper, because one of the two essential ingredients is bread!

To make life a little bit easier, St Mark’s Pennant Hills has introduced the option of gluten free bread at 6.30pm church. We use Country Life Bakery bread and it is prepared and stored separately to the regular bread. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper once a month, and you’re welcome, whatever your stance towards gluten!

We so do.

Want to check it out?

Have a look here.

It’s not every day a preacher gets to preach his all time favourite Biblical passage, but our Rector Craig did at the end of our series from the book of Revelation. Here it is:


At St Mark’s we’re recently spent some time in the book of Revelation. Some people find Revelation a difficult book to get their head around because it is a bit long and complicated. But the stuff God says in Revelation make it worth getting your head around!

To help people do that, we thought we’d point to some useful online resources including:

A great online commentary on Revelation

A simple summary of the structure of Revelation

Some helpful diagrams here, here, here and here

Cross references to the crucial Old Testament background alluded to throughout Revelation

(note that we make no comment about the quality of any other resources on any of the sites linked to).

Of course the best thing you could do is sit down with your preferred beverage and just read Revelation through from beginning to end.

Kids Plus is an after school programme for kids in years 3 – 6 at school held on Fridays 3.30 – 5.30pm during term times. We learn about our awesome God from the Bible, play games, have afternoon tea and make things! (A small weekly cost is involved). Kids Plus will start up again Feb 21. Can’t wait!

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